OINGO BOINGO dance partyfeaturing former members of Oingo Boingo is a high-energy romp of some of the greatest music of the time. Johnny Vatos, along with a large powerful band that includes former members, Sam “Sluggo” Phipps on Sax, Carl Graves on vocals/keyboards, and Doug Legacy, who played on most of all the albums and toured for years in the band, on keyboards. The band includes  Mike the Spike on rhythm guitar/vocals, Freddy Hernandez on bass, Woody A planalp on lead guitar and on occasion the legendary “Steve Bartek and John Avila”

OINGO BOINGO dance party



The ensemble also features the signature “Great Horn Section” with Brian Swartz on trumpet, Wendell Kelly on trombone and of course “Sluggo” on sax. This non-stop set includes all the Boingo hits that keep the fans moving and coming back for more:

Dead Man’s Party, Just Another Day, Little Girls, Stay, Only A Lad, No Spill Blood, just to name a few! “I was there!” says Vatos! “When it comes to Oingo Boingo Music we are the best on the planet!” This not a “Civil War” reenactment, but living functioning High Energy.

JOHNNY VATOS spectacular! Fans new and old are having great times again at this “Boingo Dance Party”. If you remember the band, if you’ve never seen the band, you will be moving to the beat of a Southern California “Party Institution”. Join the thousands in saying “Johnny Vatos Boingo Dance Party” is the band for all seasons!


New Cd out now! just in time for the 2015 concert season, Download your favorite track or the complete Vol. 1 on iTunes or Amazon. track listing as follows. 1. Dead Man’s Party,  2. Little Girls,  3. We Close Our Eye’s,  4.  Stay and Bonus Track  5. Get Your Head Our Your A (explicit words)



OINGO BOINGO dance party are now Now Accepting Halloween Season and October Offers for 2016.   Artist Availability:  Venues, Festivals, Fairs, Private Events, Radio Shows, Corporate Events and Fly Dates.