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Johnny Vatos - Oingo Boingo

Ten Years after the band Oingo Boingo’s Farewell Show (Halloween 1995). Johnny Vatos, the drummer for Oingo Boingo decided to do a show for the true loyal Oingo Boingo fans. He came up with the “Johnny Vatos Tribute to Halloween.” He got other fellow band members [John Avila (bass), Steve Bartek (lead guitar), Sam “Sluggo” Phipps (sax) Doug Legacy (Keyboards)] from Oingo Boingo to participate in a show dedicated to the fans. This show occurred October 29th, 2005. With other fellow musicians, they tore the stage a new one for a SOLD OUT CONCERT at the Grove in  Anaheim,CA . Food for Feet also got back together and played for the concert. As well as the encore with the song “Dead Man’s Party” with the crowd Going Crazy and Wanting More! It was truly a concert for the ages. And thus I bid adieu until further notice and see you in October 2009!

Featuring The Alumnae’s of Boingo: Johnny Vatos, John Avila, Steve Bartek, Sam “Sluggo” Phipps

BT4 Only a Lad!, Flyer 2005, Logo, Pumpkin KingIf you’er looking to get in touch with the Mystic Night’s part of your soul come to my multimedia Tribute to Boingo, Elfman, Bartek, Avila, Phipps, Vatos things will happen. This is limited ticket event. Meet and greets will be set up for Johnny Vatos and the rest of the band

A series of exciting strung together orgasmic moments in a time space continuum that allows you to release all decent inhibitions of the time space continuum that still might inhibit you from enjoying “Johnny Vatos” the music of the former ensemble formally known as Oingo Boingo, Steve Barter, John Avila, Sam Phipps, BT4, sex, lust, music, wine, tequila, food, body parts, and girl singers. )

No, this is not a reunion. Danny does not believe in reunions and is lobbing in congress to ban all rock reunions.

(I heard him say that in some interview, I thought it was funny)

The fans are still there, younger, older and fatter like me MoFo. Nobody is playing this music with any balls, I had to! Before I got to old I wanted to do it right! I was lucky to find BT4.  His heart and respect are inspirational Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez, Formally of the Helen Reddy Band. Venues Played with this Amazing Band.

Greek Theater, The Grove of Anaheim, CA and House Of Blues Anaheim, CA

The set list is one to Die for!!Try to believe, Help, Only a Lad, Just another day, Nothing to fear, Whole Day Off So Bad, Nothing Bad Ever happens to me, Wild Sex , Little Girls, Not My Slave, Dead Man’s Party (Full Band), Wake Up (1984), Goodbye Goodbye, We Close our Eyes and many more!!

And nothing Alumnae's of Boingo: Johnny Vatos, John Avila, Steve Bartek, Sam “Sluggo” Phipps say’s Halloween Like the Sounds of A Spooky String Quartet, Vato’s Halloween towns ” Scary Bone Daddy’s” playing the Dark Haunting music from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This Is Halloween, Jack’s Lament, Sally’s Song, Oogie Boogie Song, What’s This?

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