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Anything Box! was the name that Claude S. gave to an experimental musical project he began in 1986 with two friends. The moniker was derived from a book of short stories entitled, “The Anything Box”, published in 1965. The title story (first published in 1956), was written by the late Zenna Henderson. It describes the adventure of a young girl who, by cupping her hands together, can see Anything Box Live 08-29-2015past the known universe and transcend reality, imagining it as she wishes it to be. Claude felt that the music he was writing was his ‘Anything Box’, and was inspired by the possibilities such a name offered. The identity was born…The wheels began to move… It was a perfect name, and to this day it remains a philosophy for the band’s writer and self described, ‘noisician’. Claude states: “Anything Box means that anything goes, that there are no rules, no genres, and there are no lyrical boundaries, no emotions that couldn’t or shouldn’t be tapped in the sake of self expression through art.” Properly armed with pop songs and a strong live set, Anything Box! hit the alternative scene quickly and defiantly in 1990 with the alternative dance song, “Living In Oblivion” which was a crossover pop smash. Although the song is but one aspect of the band, it was a proper introduction and a strong and loyal following grew. What started as an idea became an obsession, and they hit the road to support the album, Peace (Epic).

Anything Box’s subsequent albums have had their share of successes. 1991’s ‘Worth’ album (produced by Gareth Jones of Depeche Mode & Erasure fame) saw the release of ‘World without love’ (considered a classic by Houston’s KRBE) and ‘Beat of life’ which saw a wide success at the clubs. 1993’s ‘Hope’ album (Orangewerks) was considered by fans around the world to be Anything Box’s finest, generating the hits, ‘Answer Me’, ‘Every Single Day’, and the ever positive ‘Where is love & happiness’ (a top-40 dance hit in 1994). They were on their way…

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Then came 1995. Anything Box paused while Claude S. recorded a solo project as The Diary. The album, Page One’ (Orangewerks), marked a new production approach that proved to be very important to the evolution of the ‘Elektrodelica’ sound that Anything Box possesses today. Using samplers, analog / digital synthesizers augmented with heavily processed guitars, deep bass beats, and surrealistic sound effects, the emotional charge is complete. Besides the energy, fun and dance able aspect of the band’s signature ‘sound’, there exists a new raw urgency and depth. Anything Box has become more faithful than ever to their original philosophy, claiming the new Jarrett Records release, ‘Elektrodelica (An exhibition for a time capsule)’ to be a destroyer of all genres. To prove it, they released a two ‘A-side’ CD-Single. “Conscious” is a mixture of orchestral sounds capes, noise samples, and a reggae influenced beat lead by 60’s beatlesqe vocals. The song explores new ground whilst retaining the classic Anything Box signature use of electronics. “Popsong” is by far the most alternative Anything Box single to date, sporting not only uplifting hooks, but a chorus of 18 of their friends at the end of the last verse against the wall of crunching guitars that introduces the edgier side of Anything Box!

The band has begun touring to support their new collection of songs. They feel they have much to offer through the expression of playing to an audience. “Elektrodelica is music for the new millennium, beginning the countdown to the party at the end of this one.” Says Paul Rijnders, the current keyboardist and live guitar player for Anything Box. “Give me that microphone and sit down!” Gary S. will cry out to his brother (Claude) on stage as he insights the audience to jump. And they do! Once again, they have reinvented themselves live, poised with their undeniable “Elektrodelica” vibe, ready to bring modern electronic music to the new millennium as only they can: by just being themselves on stage and on CD. Welcome to the exhibition!

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