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In 1984 the pop/punk band known as Easter took the center stage Both on Radio, TV and in concert halls across America witch lasted till the mid 1990’s. lead by front man Danny Dean Phillips.

The band earned their name and became a favorite on radio stations nation wide, Including Los Angeles KROQ 10.7 fm , San Francisco Live 10.5 fm, San Diego 91x fm 

Blazing Guitars, backbeats and catchy, riffing rock ‘n’ roll make the California sound of Easter a hit with the hip. This South Bay outfit is riding out of clubs of Hollywood on to T.V. screens of America with their MTV video hit “Lights Out” and “Manhattan Boy” had heavy rotation The 12″ single, “Manhattan Boy” was a West Coast rock radio favorite and on the college charts nationwide in 1988. their Video “Lights Out In Lawndale” featured Mike Ness of “Social Distortion” playing Guitar. This was one of MTV ‘s and Friday Night Video’s most requested video/song to be aired. Friday Night Videos was broadcasted on the (NBC) network, “Lights Out” was also a favorite video being played on Night Tracks, it was one of the Top 50 video’s being requested during that time. Night Tracks was aired on TBS SuperStation’s answer to MTV and the music-video craze of the mid-1980’s.  

do to the the success of their debut album Easter toured steadily for seven years. Seeing both coasts several times in those four years. The band toured in support of Social Distortion, Dramarama, TSOL, Concrete Blonde and were even offered to tour with Billy Idol, But do to other obligations the band split .  Easter-1985   In 2004 the band was asked to  re-release their album on a CD format, this sparked the attention of promoters in California, Easter decided to reunite for one night only. all three original members, Danny Dean Phillips, Chad Carrier and Korky Ollerton shared the stage again only to find that the magic that brought them together over two decades a go was still alive and ready to continue where they left off in 1995.

2015 Easter will do a few live shows to rekindle the flame of their fans past and new, a new generation of Easter fans have sprung up do to the punk/pop underground scene, It’s not over until it’s “Lights Out ” … and now we continue. 

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