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In 1983, at the height of his career, Rick James, the self-acclaimed King of Punk-Funk, decided to challenge himself creativelyThe Girls.... by writing and producing a recording project for Motown, featuring four femme fatales collectively known as The Mary Jane Girls. In addition to the musical genius of James’ what would set this girl group apart from the rest was the unique concept: four individual personas that appealed to men and woman alike: one Street Smart Punk-Funktress, ; one Vamp; one Valley Girl (Cheri Wells); and one Leather Queen (Maxi B).

Their debut album The Mary Jane Girls (1983) spawned three singles that hit the R&B Top 20: Candy Man, Boys and the legendary All Night Long; the second album, Only Four You (1985) would establish the group as a force to be reckoned with. The lead single, In My House became the group’s biggest hit, reaching the Top 10 on both the Pop and R&B charts, and Number 1 on the Dance charts. Wild and Crazy Love quickly followed in the Top 20. As fate would have it, this would be the last album the group would record; nevertheless an indelible mark was etched into the music history books, and the hearts of music lovers around the world.

Well, grab your leg warmers and your fingerless maxicheri_Colorpixgloves because Maxi and Cheri are back to help you relive the glory of the 80s Punk-Funk Style! Punk-Funktress and Vamp, Maxi and Cheri are back as the original Mary Jane Girls feat. Maxi and Cheri , also known as MJGs.

After recruiting a new Punk-Funktress and Vamp, Maxi and Cheri the original Mary Jane Girls will be bringing all of the sex appeal and show stopping moves that The Mary Jane Girls were famous for. This is the show that the fans have been waiting for, and Maxi and Cheri are ready to give it to them!

“MJG’s” the original Mary Jane Girls feat. Maxi and Cheri are now accepting offers for 2018-19:  Artist Available for Fly Dates, Club Size Venues, Festivals, Fairs, Casinos , Radio Shows And Corporate Events….. Live Full Band and Track shows are Available, Please Contact primary agent Rob Juarez for rider options and requirements.

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All Night Long

In My House

Candy Man