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From 1978 to 1985, the musical career of Nina Hagen flourished throughout the galaxy by virtue of her rigorous intercontinental touring schedules and the availability of her five albums on CBS Records… No matter that Nina Hagen- actress, chanteuse, political firebrand, doting mother, animal rights activist was an anomaly in the era of punk rock and disco divas: Marlene Dietrich meets Emma Goldman on stage at the Ritz. No matter that awe struck critics in America were at a genuine loss to categorize her and that radio reeled in horror.
No matter that her lifestyle went beyond conventional limits of women’s liberation more than a decade ago. At the end of the day, as with every great musical artist, the recordings are the true chronicle of events….

– excerpt from liner notes

Born in East Germany, Nina Hagen had already gained a

Nina Hagen

reputation as a flamboyant rock singer by the time she emigrated to the West in 1976, where she formed a band, signed to CBS Germany, and released their debut album, Nina Hagen Band, in 1978.

It was followed in 1980 by Unbehagen. Hagen’s first U.S. release was a four-song EP consisting of songs drawn from her two German releases, Nina Hagen Band EP (1980). She moved to New York and made her first English-language LP, Nunsexmonkrock, in 1982. That and its follow-up, the Giorgio Moroder-produced Fearless (1983), charted briefly, andNew York New York

was a Top Ten Hit.  (c)William Ruhlmann All Music Guide

In 1991, she released the album “Street”, and went on tour through Europe again. In 1993, the album “Revolution Ballroom” came out followed by, two years later, the album “Freud Euch”, which was recorded in English under the title “Beehappy” in 1996.

In 1999, she recorded the album “Om Namah Shivay” including mainly Indian songs. The album was distributed only through her internet homepage. Half of its profits went into charitable projects. The self produced “The Return of the Mother” appeared in February 2001.

Nina is currently recording a new album on (Hollywood Records) and plans to tour in 2014.

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