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Peter Godwin’s career began as lead singer and songwriter with Metro. Metro’s first single,”Criminal World”, was covered by David Bowie on Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” album. Metro released 3 albums in over 50 countries. Peter then left Metro to pursue a solo career. He released 3 albums and various singles under his own name all over the world- “Images of Heaven” and “Baby’s In The Mountain’s ” being perhaps the best known.

His latest album “Sunset Rise”, released as Nuevo, is a collaboration with Johnson Somerset. Johnson co-produced Bryan Ferry’s latest hit album “Olympia”. Johnson is also a top remixer- Katy Perry’s last 3 #1’s in the US were all remixed by him- his credits also include Duran Duran, The Sugababes (their latest single), Simple Minds, George Michael- and many others.

Peter is also a successful songwriter, having written for and with a variety of artists including Steve Winwood, David Bowie, Reggie Magloire  (Technotronic, Indeep), Duncan Browne, Metro, Georg Kajanus (Sailor, Data), Camouflage, Michel Van Dyke (Ruben Cossani), Petia Pavlova, Ronny, Nathalie Gabay , The Drifters- and for his latest project “Nuevo”.

In 2008 Peter co-wrote all the songs on Steve Winwood’s album “Nine Lives” which made #12 in the US charts. The single “Dirty City” featured Winwood reunited with Eric Clapton. “I’m Not Drowning” the 2nd single from ‘Nine Lives” was featured on US TV – both on “House” and “Brothers And Sisters”. Peter’s live show is a journey from “Criminal World” to Nuevo via “Images Of Heaven”.  Peter Godwin can be contacted for non-Booking questions via e-mail

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